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Hello, Dahling

Hi, there; how are things?

I created this blog because I love creating blogs (and have done so, before); and, I love to write. All in all, my love for creating led me to play around with html and css, which is essentially what led me to (what I thought to be) a plausible truthy*:  I might love to code, and I should sign up for a bootcamp, asap. After all, as Hillary Duff once said, why not?

The last time I really referred to Hillary Duff and the idea of "why not" was around the time in which I packed my bags (and all my furniture), moving to the city of LA, once graduating college. I grew up wanting to be an actress, though not really knowing why. So, I did what I was "told to do" (see: college); and, after having done so, I fled to: the ocean, palm trees, and endless days of sunshine. And, dahling -I fell in love with it.

You know what, though? Life brings unexpected turns and twists; and, I decided to let go of that dream -for various reasons. And, it's been a s…